Kaleberg / Graafschap
Kaleberg / Graafschap

Koffie- en eethuis de Kaleberg is a cozy place to eat and drink, located at the foot of De Lochemse Berg in Barchem (municipality of Lochem).
You can go there for a nice cup of coffee with cake, delicious traditional bread (from the bakery), a tasty menu or a super tasty fries with a snack. And don’t forget their favorite beefburgers!
Free Wi-Fi is available for their customers. In short, you can relax and enjoy the forest at the Kaleberg!
In addition to refreshments, they also provide various activities, suitable for young and old. More information about this can be found on their activities page.
Nice to give: a gift voucher from Eethuis de Kaleberg!!
Eethuis de Kaleberg is team sponsor of De Graafschap.

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