FC Groningen winner

gepost op 30 May

In the morning of the third day of the PLUS Stam KST, the semi-finals, a Dutch and a Scandinavian, were…Read more >

30 May


gepost op 28 May

On the second competition day of the PLUS Stam KST, the tension in the Sturris group was cut. With one…Read more >

28 May

VV Ruurlo surprices!

gepost op 27 May

In the run-up to the 37th edition of the “Karel Stegeman Toernooi”, now renamed “PLUS Stam KST”, the Scandinavian teams…Read more >

27 May


gepost op 27 May

Pieter Stam of PLUS Stam and Henry Meutstege, chairman of VV Ruurlo, have just signed a 3-year sponsorship agreement. Part…Read more >

27 May


gepost op 20 May

The glossy KST magazine with interesting interviews and stories has arrived and will be available free of charge for everyone…Read more >

20 May


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