The emergence

In 1984 arises when the then young directors, especially Herman Berendsen, the idea to give an international flavor to the organized Pentecostal Tournament from 1985 several years. Head coach Jan van Noesel, at his previous clubs already on the international tour, be sure any seagoing work ascribed to the shaping of this idea. Theo Westervoorde and Hans Schurink namely to give shape in the autumn of 1984 by youth chairman Henk van der Meulen be summoned to the juvenile board with new style request the organization of this tournament, the foreign clubs invitations have already been provided by Jan and his wife .
To respond to the completely inexperienced tournament organizers in the making, this is also a reason positively to the request of the youth governance, providing an organizing committee was born and in good spirits, but also worked with the necessary voltage to the organization of the first international Whitsun Tournament may be.

The name

In the run-up to the first international tournament, which incidentally once will also be attended by B and C-juniors, the idea of ​​post-barrel give the tournament a (different) name. After consulting with the family Stegeman is unfortunately the name of our early slip Charles Stegeman related to the tournament. Given what Charles partly as a first team player, board member, vice chairman and sponsor has meant to our club a respected choice.
By tying a sponsor to the tournament in 2023, the tournament will from then on be called the PLUS Stam Karel Stegeman Toernooi.

The baptism of fire

In 1985 found the first Karel Stegeman Tournament place and the following occupation: England: Hampshire Youth FA and Adur Athletic FC Switzerland: FC Oberentfelden and Sports Club Worb West Germany: TSV Wulsdorf and VfB Lübeck Netherlands: Rigtersbleek, Viod, Grol, Longa ‘ 30 Drempt Forward and Ruurlo.
An occupation where with a lot of pride by all who feel involved in the tournament talked about it and “flaunted”. The premiere has the following final results: 1. Hampshire Youth FA (England) 2. Rigtersbleek (Netherlands) 3. Longa ’30 (Netherlands) 4. Ruurlo Fair Play Cup: Sports Club Worb (Switzerland)
A sporty very successful international debut, but more importantly the fantastic atmosphere that prevails during the weekend. This atmosphere, where the choice, but above all to work fortunate with host families are responsible for the strength and the “trademark” of the tournament will be.
The organizers have a taste really good and it is decided to try to make the tournament stronger gradually with an occupancy of 8 foreign and 4 Dutch participants.

The sequel

From the start of the Karel Stegeman Tournament is the level of the teams only increased. Where the previously unknown club names, take today only A-youth teams of international professional clubs in the tournament. We do not work with “entry fee”, but the perfect organization often the deciding factor for a club to participate in the tournament.
For instance, foreign “powers” as Dynamo Kiev (Ukr), IFK Gothenburg (Swe), Dinamo Zagreb (Cro), Aberdeen FC (Sco), Racing Genk (Bel), Wolverhampton Wanderers (Eng) and Ferencvaros (Hun) already visit brought to Achterhoekse tournament. Indigenous have namenlijk regional professional clubs like FC Twente, De Graafschap NEC Go Ahead Eagles and Heracles Almelo act given the presence, but also AZ and PSV now on the wide range of participants.
The organizers have thus been able to realize their plans in 1985 and therefore has the football club “Ruurlo” a very strong youth tournament. A measure for this is also the place of their own team in the annual distribution of prizes. During the first three tournaments a fourth, eighth and ninth to reach place. Subsequently, the yellow-blacks annually (usually) lethargic.
By during the tournament, in addition to offering top football, pay close attention to the fringe, where mainly the kids thought, under the motto “The Karel Stegeman Toernooi a day out for all the family” a formula originated by the public is greatly appreciated. In recent years, an average of about 6,000 spectators attended the tournament.

The Organisation

Four years after the first tournament Theo Westervoorde may be busy work and combine the tournament, then it must be replaced by Gerrit Meerbeek who after the 15th tournament then cedes his position to Ronnie Wopereis.
The role of youth board member Henk Halfman will over time fewer and fewer (administrative) coordination. A “transfer” of young directors to organization committee is the logical sequel in 1991. Henk Halfman adopted in 2004 farewell and his place is taken by Eric Hissink. The organizing committee now consists of the trio Ronnie Wopereis, Marcel Bos and Hans Schurink. In 2019 Koen Hoijtink replaces Marcel Bos, because Marcel can not combine his work with the work for the KST. For the same reasons Jos Geerlen replaces Ronnie Wopereis one year later. They put in the run up to the tournament the big lines and gradually assisted the process by the following committees c.q. (groups of) employees:

Hosting Committee

This committee provides adequate shelter for our guests, whether in host families for the players or in hotels and guesthouses for leaders and coaches.

Grounds Committee

Before the tournament starts, our complex and surrounding area must first undergo a metamorphosis. The grounds committee is responsible.

Canteen Committee

Fortunately, more and more people visit the tournament. The canteen committee succeeds every year to organize the necessary foods and refreshments for our visitors.

Referee Committee

Our referees earn a good reception and care. The referee committee is taking care of this.

Race Office

In a tournament with top teams the sporting part is flawless to expire. Often up to the minute know our competition secretaries to succeed in this intent.

Team Leaders

During the stay of our guests in Ruurlo we provide two or three team coaches per team for the guests every need. In addition, they take care of the contacts with the host families.

Activities Committee

For the children there is an extensive play area each year. The organization of these activities is “dedicated” to the activities committee.

Host familiese

All players are hosted in families during their stay in Ruurlo. By bringing the annual spontaneity and hospitality of many families manage the large numbers of guests each housing committee again. This allows us to compete with other tournaments where you can work with a bigger budget and teams can be accommodated in hotels.


The contacts

The tournament made many contacts over the years. In relation to association brought visits (counter) to Worb, Münsingen, Yellow, Lubeck, Stenum, Herne (Wanne-Eickel) Siofok, Budejovice, Poznan and Helsingborg. But privately there are made new friends. Members and non-members are invited by clubs, (parents) ranked players or coaches in places in Europe where they would normally never come.
Also departing from the Pentecost weekend for more foreigners to Ruurlo to visit their “Ruurlose” friends.
In principle in a tournament of this caliber sporting part is the most important, yet the being tied friendships just as important, if not more important.

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