After having worked for the Karel Stegeman Toernooi for more than 30 years, Ronnie Wopereis has indicated that he wants to stop his activities.
The combination of his increasingly busy job and his finding that he was running his tournament efforts more and more on autopilot led to his decision.
Ronnie started in 1990 as a team leader and was then asked in 1999 to succeed Gerrit Meerbeek in the organizing committee, who has since passed away. From 2000 to 2021, Ronnie mainly focused on housing players and coaches, managing the party committee and the canteen committee and various administrative and secretarial matters.
As a OC member, Ronnie has distinguished himself by unbridled commitment, an extremely serious and consistent approach to business, with a healthy dose of cheerfulness and humor in addition, from time to time.
Soon we as OC will appropriately, while enjoying a snack and a drink, say goodbye to Ronnie and look for a replacement. Of course, Ronnie has indicated that he will give his follow-up the necessary explanation and provide him or her all relevant information.

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