VV Ruurlo
VV Ruurlo
Top (left to right): Stijn Smak, Wiebe Lusink, Martijn Sikkema (coach), Job Schroer, Daan Fentsahm
Center (left to right): Mitchell Zonneveld (ass. coach), Lars van de Lecq, David Mackaay, Tim Floris, Glenn Dekkers, Frits van der Worp (coach), Huub Floris, Bas Peters, Dylan Bugter, Yorn Verheijen, Andre Kasteel (team manager)
Bottom (left to right): Niek te Winkel, Tom Meutstege, Wiebe ter Haar, Luc Kosters, Daan Schippers, Koen Meutstege, Stan de Gier
Missing: Luuk van de Worp, Dave Bos, Maik van den Toorn, Thijn van Fulpen, Brent Stegeman, Jop Stegeman, Sander Fentsahm (lines man)

The Voetbal Vereniging (VV) Ruurlo was founded on 1 April 1932 and the club plays in the 3rd class of the KNVB.
Last season, Ruurlo participated with 35 teams in the competition. In addition, VVR boys and girls in the age of 4 to 6 years can playfully get acquainted with football in the “football school”, where of course fun of the game is paramount.
Of the 35 teams mentioned above, 75% are youth teams. The youth department of Ruurlo is clearly improving. The planned approach is clearly paying off and Ruurlo is being looked at from various sides. At this moment several boys from VV Ruurlo are playing for the youth academy of FC Twente and De Graafschap.

VV Ruurlo is allowed to play in the tournament with an U21 team. The coaches that selected the KST team are Frits van de Worp and Maarten Sikkema.
As organizing club, Ruurlo participated in all editions of the KST. In the early years, a number of good results were achieved with a fourth and eighth place. After that, a tenth place turned out to be the highest possible. This succeeded the yellow-blacks in 1997, 2004 and in 2016. With a same result this year everyone will be satisfied.

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