Fluminense FC
Fluminense FC
Top (left to right): Cayo Fellipe, Jefté, Kevin, Isaac, Hiago, Gabriel, Erick, Davi Schuindt, Gustavo Lobo, Denis, Taquete
Bottom (left to right): Lucas Felipe, Joilson, Vinícius, Welinton, Thiago Silva, Mateus Bernardo, Pedro Careca, Cauã, Diogo

Fluminense FC, founded on July 21, 1902, is a four-time Brazilian champion, won the cup and the First League Cup once and became state champion 31 times.

Fluminense is, next to Botafogo, Flamengo and Vasco da Gama, one of the four big clubs from Rio de Janeiro, a city with no less than 28 professional football clubs. Belém comes in second place with nine clubs.
The club has produced a cartload of talents. Some well-known names from the past are, to name a few, Rivellino, Branco, Didi, Washington, Tele Santana, Romário and Deco. Also in contemporary football, various players come from the Fluminense academy, such as the (former) internationals Thiago Silva (Chelsea), Marcelo (Real Madrid), Fabinho (Liverpool), Gerson (Olympique Marseille) and Roger Ibanez (AS Roma), Kayky (Manchester City).

Worldwide, Fluminense is one of the clubs that gets the most out of its youth players. The “Moleques de Xerém” (Children of Xerém) are a household name in South American football and the club has one of the best academies in North and South America, with a training center of more than 120,000m², located in Xerém.

Fluminense’s U18 team, known as “Geração dos Sonhos” (Generation of Dreams), is trained with the club’s own training methodology, the “DNA Tricolor” and has enchanted Brazilian youth football in recent years with beautiful, attacking and engaging football. This generation has won important titles in recent years such as the Copa Santiago in 2021, the Brazilian U17 Championship in 2020, the regional Carioca U-16 title in 2019, and the U15 Friendhip Cup Brasil-Japan in 2018.

The backbone of the team that participates in the KST is formed by players from the U18 team, supplemented by young players from Fluminense U20.

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