SK Sigma Olomouc
SK Sigma Olomouc
Top (left to right): David Hampel (goalkeeper trainer), Daniel Grygar, Tomáš Macháček, Daniel Grečmal, Jan David, Michal Galus, Jan Beňa, Milan Cigánek (team manager)
Center (left to right): Jiří Kratochvíl, Karim Boukhatem, Radim Machala, David Zima, Lukáš Raab, Filip Ždánský, Jan Kodeš, Filip Twardzik, Martin Repček
Bottom (left to right): Jakub Obzina, Štěpán Langer, Radek Kubáč, Michaele Horáčková (masseur), Tomáš Janotka (head coach), Ladislav Koutek (asistant coach), Vojtěch Cikryt, Jakub Trefil

SK Sigma Olomouc from the Czech Republic was founded in 1919 and is therefore 100 years old this year. During that century, the club changed its name twelve times due to different circumstances. From 1996 the current name, Sportovní klub Sigma Olomouc, has been used.
With the exception of three seasons, Sigma Olomouc has played at the highest level since 1983. During this period, the club took part in the Europa League and the previous European Cup eleven times. The biggest prizes however are winning the Czech cup and Supercup in 2012.
At Sigma Olomouc, the emphasis has always been on youth education. From their youth academy, Tomáš Ujfaluši played with Atletico Madrid, Fiorentina and Galatasaray, David Rozehnal with Paris Saint Germain, Lazio Roma and Newcastle United and Marek Heinz with Hamburger SV, St. Ettiene and Galatasaray.
Also today the youth academy of the Czechs is flourishing. The team participating in this tournament finished last season as champion and therefore qualified for the UEFA Youth League. It has penetrated into the play-offs, after eliminating the champions of Slovenia, NK Maribor, and Israel, Maccabi Tel Aviv, in the preliminary rounds. In these play-offs, the team was beaten by French Olympique Lyonnais.
Of the current U19 team, four players have been selected for Czech national teams. Jakub Trefil and Miloš Šidlík play for Czech Republic U18 and Jáchym Šíp and Miroslav Sklenář for the U17 team.

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