KV Mechelen
KV Mechelen
Top (left to right): Seppe Goossens, Jarno Lion, Jordy Dupont, Imad Arbai, Michael Davis
Center (left to right): Rune Paeshuyse, Younes Ben Hammou, Arne Portner, Idriss Diawara Moulaye, Bas Van Den Eynden, Imran Hamidu, Ismael Hadjh'Hend, Staf De Graeve, Jeovani Goncalves Antonio
Bottom (left to right): Paul Weemaes (teammanager), Jan Vranckx Aster, Ouassim Arbi, Tuur Mergeay, André Godfrinne, Lennert Leemans, Stijn Cloodts, Ángel Vich Mejía Miguel, Jente Ceurvelts

Yellow Red Royal Football Club Mechelen was founded in 1904 and won the championship four times and won the cup, the European Cup II and the European Super Cup once. From 2007, KV Mechelen played in the Eerste Klasse, but it relegated last season, but returned to the highest division after just one season. In addition to this rapid return, KVM also reached the Belgian cup final.
Big names from the club’s history include Albert De Cleyn, who became Belgium’s top scorer in 1942, Michel Preud’homme, Lei Clijsters and Philippe Albert who managed to win the Golden Shoe and Marc Emmers and Sofiane Hanni, who were elected professional footballers of the year. Michel Preud’homme was chosen as the best goalie in the world in 1994.

The youth education is extremely important for KV Mechelen and that is clearly visible within the club. Following nine of their own youth players were part of the A-team last season: Sofian Bouzian, Arno Valkenaers, Jelle De Schoenmaeker, Jules Van Cleemput, Maxime De Bie, Hannes Smolders, Alec Van Hoorenbeeck, Mohamed Zeroual and Gaétan Bosiers. Most of them were also active at the KST.
KV Mechelen is also strongly represented in various Belgian national youth teams from U15 to U21 (a total of 23 players).
KV Mechelen is taking part in the KST for the sixth time. The Flemish achieved the best result in 2015 when they won the tournament by beating KAA Gent in the final.
From the U18 / Beloften group, the group for the KST selection, following eight players have been called up for a Belgian national youth team this season: Maxime De Bie, Arno Valkenaers, Stijn Cloodts, Michael Davis, Staff De Graeve, Jeovani Goncalves Antonio, Arne Portner and Bas Van Den Eynden.

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