RTS Widzew Lódz
RTS Widzew Lódz
Top (left to right): Jakub Juchacz, Kacper Trenkner, Filip Przybulek, Bartlomiej Ciolak, Ricardo, Cezary Cichal, Kacper Kalinski
Center (left to right): Mateusz Saganiak, Marcel Przybylski, Damian Związek, Kacper Kwiatkowski, Kamil Jakubowski, Oskar Kolasiński (gone), Patryk Kowasz
Bottom (left to right): Kacper Sluzalek, Wiktor Daroch, Krzysztof Mordak (assistant coach), Jakub Grzeszczakowski (head coach), Konrad Przybylski (goalkeeper coach), Wiktor Wrobel (fitness coach), Jakub Wieszczycki, Szymon Szymczak
Missing: Dominik Najderek, Hubert Lenart, Mateusz Golda, Adam Debinski

RTS Widzew Lódz was founded in 1910 and became Polish champion four times, in 1981, 1982, 1996 and 1997, and won the cup once, in 1985.

The club from Lódz has played at the highest level for most of its existence and experienced a flourishing period in the eighties. For example, with Włodzimierz Smolarek, Jozef Młynarczyk, Władysław Żmuda and Zbigniew Boniek the club was represented in the polish national team that finished third at the World Cup in 1982, the semi-final of the European Cup 1 was reached in 1983 by eliminating three-time cup winner Liverpool and in that decade a player of Widzew was named Polish player of the year five times. Boniek has even been voted the best Polish player of all time and is currently the president of PZPN, the Polish football association.

A few years ago, Widzew Lódz revived her youth academy. Due to a changed, more professional, approach, the results were initially mainly visible in the younger teams, but now the improvement is also noticeable in the older teams. For example, the U19 team has become champion for the third time in a row and now plays in the Liga Makro Regionalna U-19 (second level) and most players of the current U19 team, when they were still part of the U17 team, have been promoted to the highest league with this U17 team.

Widzew Lodz will debut at the KST with, most likely as reinforcements, four young players, Dominik Najderek, Hubert Lenart, Mateusz Golda and Adam Debinski, from their second team.

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